Beautiful Expectation

Expectation.  It’s the feeling that can make your heart race, suspend time and bring a tear to your eye – all in one breath.  For 9 months I encountered it in a life transforming way; and I felt more feminine than ever before.  I was carrying life inside me and my body became something more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Sure – my skin was blotchy, my belly huge, the veins on my arms were always visible, and my back ached – but I glowed from the inside out.  I will forever cherish that time.  This morning I spent a few moments looking through my maternity portraits (thanks hubby for taking them) and thought I would share some photos with you.

I love photographing pregnant women and helping them see how amazing they look.  I think that seeing yourself through the lens, and truly observing your new body in all its radiance, is just plain good for the soul.  So if you are a woman who has, is, or will be expecting I hope these images will inspire you to shake off your insecurities and embrace your body for all it is – A beautiful miracle capable of nurturing and sustaining life.

Jessica - Kelowna Maternity Photograph, summer 2012

This was me, just 6 short months ago – wrinkles and all.  I’m kind of in awe right now.  Thanks God for the experience!

I have a couple maternity portrait sessions coming up and simply cannot wait to make these women feel pretty and captivating like I did.  To learn more about my maternity portrait services visit or send me an email.

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